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Curator review of exhibition “Beauty and Color”

A painting exhibition entitled, ”Beauty and Color” by international artist Jensen Moreno is currently on display at Catherine de France beauty salon in Sanlitun, Beijing.

On the 20th of August this year, Beauty and Color Painting Exhibition cocktail reception by artist Jensen Moreno was held and attended by prominent figures from different cultures and fields in the art. The guests gathered to enjoy a tour through the exhibition with the artist and art curator Paul of Art Talks Beijing. 

Sponsors of the event were Catherine de France salon where guests were given hairstyle and make-up touch, Pu Yu Wines & Flavours which gave a taste of Portuguese wines as well as Latina, a famous Brazilian restaurant in Beijing and Shanghai.

The artist took the risk to invite spectators to get involved in a magical artistic structure that was designed on canvas for each zodiac sign willing to reflect on the experience and apply reflexivity to this occasion – because everyone has a zodiac sign.

The exhibition ”Beauty and Color” is a formulated thought of the present through the exposure to new and unexpected experiences whilst making connections to prior experiences Jensen had encountered. 

Experiencing and reflecting on intercultural, interdisciplinary, and multi-directional pathways were some of the strategies that led the artist to generate knowledge in the creation process. The strengths of this exhibition are; the range of multimedia components used, evolving nature of the work, and the value of audience presence or lack of it, it naturally suggests accessibility to at least one sensory component.

Jensen imagined each sign in bright colors and expressive lines. Fire signs are passionate and impulsive, Air signs are idea-driven and adventurous, Earth signs are grounded and practical, and Water signs are emotional and mysterious.

An auction with a humanitarian cause is ongoing with donating  20% of the price of the sold painting to the Artreach Missions Charity in Manila, Philippines. 

Jensen has been helping this charity for some years and recently gave free paint sets to their unprivileged art students.

Many ancient cultures and traditions have used star signs and the zodiac (also known as astrology) to provide wisdom, prophecy, and guidance.

Astrology has been dated to the 3rd millennium BC, with the Babylonians introducing the first organised system.

Depending on your star sign (in this instance, your sun sign), you hold a certain set of characteristics and personality traits.

These extend to your likes and dislikes, even when it comes to art! 

No matter what your zodiac sign is, be convinced there’s a contemporary artwork that will speak to your soul. You’ll know it the moment you lay eyes on it!