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Hall of Fame by Artist Jensen Moreno

This momentous event showcases Jensen Moreno’ s collection of portraits of people she admires for the past few years. This marks her 5th Solo Painting Exhibition. Over the years, Jensen met several influential people and was inspired by some of them. She also gets inspiration from travelling and people around her. The passion and dedication in Art are shown on the powerful and colourful paintings on this collection.

Some people give up worship because of inferiority, but others turn into icons because of adoration.

As the future is too far away, some people dare not expect.

The shadow we follow everyday is what we desire to turn to be.

Those who have a halo around are deemed as the symbol of power, fortune, honour, or ability. Have you expected that one day you will be the way they are? Perhaps you are contented with being an ordinary person, and never thought of being one of them, or never dared to think about it.

Have you ever disdained other people’s success? What you got to know is there must be tremendous effort behind the great achievement.

Jensen Moreno created some fabulous portraits by using her unique and creative palette knife skill. The figures she painted are people who have gained success by pursuing excellence in their career. She adored them, because she found the valuable nature they possessed as strong perseverance, persistent pursuit, brilliant talent, diligence and modesty. Jensen’s heroes are not only celebrities, but also those who are committed to making the world better. She composed the Ode to Soul of the people who she worshipped with her palette knife.

If you are not satisfied with the present, make changes

Life is growing to maturity through constant breakthroughs, and so is Jensen Moreno, who keeps forging ahead on the art road, though this road is full of thorns. Sometimes, because of the limitations of her mind, she could not see the opportunities and let many opportunities slip away.

She took out a painting of herself and said, “You see, from this self portrait named The Artist, you can tell that I am not happy,because I was not satisfied with my life and environment as an artist by then. So she tried to take risks, walk outside the comfort zone, place herself at the limit, and endure and bear as much as possible. She left her home country, and went to Vietnam and China. She focused on her own goals, to draw more positive energy, and to make her work full of strength. She also has a source of strength, the Catholic Church. She firmly believes that God can guide her to a bright path.

She is on her way to success

There is a proverb in the Philippines: “A quitter never wins, A winner never quits”.

On the way of exploring art, she keeps close to the celebrities she admired, and thinks about what they have. She created the portraits of some celebrities such as Italy artist Da Vinci, Austria musician Mozart, Holland artist Rembrandt, and personalities she met in the art activities she participated in, such as Philippines national hero Jose Rizal, former Philippines ambassador Erlinda Basilio, former ambassador of Bahamas , Paul Andy Gomez, President of Beijing Culture Industry Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Guo Lina, Italy Culture Ambassador and soprano singer Ms. Lu Ye, 1973 Miss World runner up Evangeline Pascual.

These artworks will be presented in this exhibition, from which you will experience her unique artistic perspective and profound understanding of every celebrity.

Contact Daisy Zhao for more information: 18310138251

Hall of Fame – Jensen Moreno 5th Solo Painting Exhibition
Curator: Daisy Zhao
Assisting Curator: Megan Mace
Translator: Echo Du
Exhibition Time:27th May – 10th June 2018 (Gallery Hours: 9am-5pm)
Opening: 6:00 pm, 27th May,2018