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OASIS is very excited to be hosting the creative artworks of Jensen Moreno, a Filipina artist based in Beijing. Jensen Moreno is an Award-winning international contemporary artist and art teacher, Founder of J. Moreno Arts and Design Company and Jensen Moreno Fine Arts.

She is not only a Designer, Art Events Organizer, Art Teacher and former Director of Arts, she is also a mother of three, a long-term patient of OASIS and an expat of 10yrs in China, 9 of which have been in Beijing.

“OASIS has been taking good care of our family for several years now. In fact, 2 of our daughters were born at OASIS, Jaz in 2018 and Jamie in 2019, that is why having my paintings on display here for exhibition is truly very meaningful. The hospital has conducted many art exhibitions in the past and it is my pleasure to have some of my works here to add on to its artistic environment.

The art exhibition consists of my personal collection of portraits inspired by my family, the master artists I idolize, and nature. I believe it will be interesting for patients and of course, the hospital staff to walk through the lobby, getting a 360-degree view of the paintings.

This concept of beautifying the hospital with artworks which people normally wouldn’t expect, is visually narrating, enlightening, and relaxing. I look forward to our special collaboration this year that could inspire many individuals who come and go to the hospital.”

Jensen currently works at HD Beijing as an International Primary Art Teacher, inspiring young artists and was recently awarded by the International Youth Painting Expo with Excellent Art Teacher Award, but her reach goes much further. Jensen has received recognitions and international art awards from Hong Kong and Italy and was nominated as one of the TOP 20 Most Inspiring Contemporary Artists of the world by WCA.

Not only this, Jensen started 2023 off with being featured at the United Art Press’ “Beauty Through Time and Space, Famous Contemporary Artists” Art book and received an Honorary Credential and Certificate. She has also been invited to some important events as an inspirational guest speaker including the United Nations Conference for UNWomen and CSW67 and The Second Online Influencers Conference 2023 in Fuzhou city this year.