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Hello. I'm Jensen.

Award-winning international contemporary artist and art teacher.

Founder of Jensen Moreno Arts & Design Company and Jensen Moreno Fine Arts.

Founder of FAB (Filipino Artists in Bejing).






On Fostering Creativity to Excellence

Jensen Moreno’s notion of creativity is more than originality.  It is about perfection and excellence which institutes developing improvement. It is a concept which is analogous to the implied theories of creativity. Jensen infers not only the source of origin. Her works are an unrelenting production of the origin, that is, the creativity. She singles out originality and imagination as the key to creativity. Her execution is a special attribute that somehow makes the act itself enigmatic.

Creativity in arts is all about liberating the energy to the canvas. Her art is dynamic, diverse and distinct. It is imaginative, ingenious, innovative and inventive. She loves taking risks and challenging the convention. Her art lies in direct proportion to the existence of art. Her level of skill, creativity, and emotion is perfection and effectiveness. That had its roots in the subconscious. And was the source of new masterful discoveries.

When I paint, I use 110% of my brains to direct my hand to perform a thing called, Masterpiece.

– Jensen Moreno, 2008